we are chicago-area independent game developers, currently working on Tetrapulse.

peter sheff ⊕

The most amiable of the bunch, Peter has a passion for making environment art and hand painted textures. You can often find him couch surfing at one of our apartments.

jorge murillo ⊕

Jorge is the designer. He grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, initially went to school for Fashion Design, and loves puppies. In his free time he loves to create 3D art, sculpt, and fish.

david laskey ⊕

The only thing David loves more than programming is working with his friends and meeting awesome people wherever life takes him. In his spare time, he likes playing guitar, knitting, eating toast, and many other hobbies for which he doesn’t have time.

ricky roberson ⊕

Ricky is the glue that holds our games together. He enjoys working in the gray area between art and programming. No one knows why he hangs out with us.

david finseth ⊕

Giving up the theatrical stage, David has committed to what was once a back-stage love affair with animation. When not bringing the game to life, he is heading our business venture with his entrepreneurial spirit.